My Life w/Mekhi

My son. So many words can describe my son, and yet at times I fail to convey in words the way I feel about him. I love him so much and he is a gift to us. We’re eternally grateful.

However, he’s hit this age where his personality is blooming in full, and his strong willed nature, daily disobedience, and utter defiance for all that is good… and orderly, is trying my patience like never before. My frustration builds all day long while I try to remain cool, and it really only dissipates slowly after he goes down for the night at the end of each day. This daily occurrence is trying. My husband gets a small taste of it on his days off or on the weekends.

Don’t get me wrong – I know this is normal. I read this all the time. I hear it from everyone. He’s a boy. Right. He’s very independent and he’s super curious. Yes. But he’s incredibly talented at pushing the boundaries, challenging everything, climbing everything, knocking over everything, and pretty much saying no to everything, all the while laughing his way through this tornado-like path that makes. Thankfully his younger sister is immune to his antics and doesn’t let any of it bother her, but as of right now, I have failed to grow immune to his constant trials, like his sibling has. It’s a learned art or a built-in trait to some, but either way, I don’t have it.

All I can be is real. This is hard. Striking the balance between discipline, freedom, independence, and grace is hard. We’re learning as we go and relying heavily on God’s word, and smarter people around us. I have some friends with boys that can relate and others that can’t. Every child is different. Some are complacent, some are obedient, and some stay in line. Not my son. He marches to the beat of his own drum. Everything is worth challenging, in his eyes. And while I know it’s tough for us as parents right now, we both understand the incredible godly strength that God’s put in him that will manifest differently as he matures into a man. It’s our role to help him see his potential and help him mature and grow into a strong man that leads, that challenges status quo, blazes trails, and pushes others to be better. We couldn’t be more thrilled with where he’s headed and what God’s got in store for him; but right now, it’s almost breaking us as parents and we have to take this day by day.